Take Charge Of Your Heart Health


  • One out of every three adults has high blood pressure—more than
    68 million people?
  • Only about half of people with high blood pressure know they have it?
  • High blood pressure contributes to or causes more than 1,000 deaths each day in the U.S.?

Blood pressure is the force of blood pumping against your arteries. High blood pressure, often called hypertension, occurs when the force of this pressure is damaging to the arteries. You could say the damage is done quietly, as most of the time high blood pressure has no obvious symptoms.

Managing Your High Blood Pressure

If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, there are things you can do to manage it, even without medication. Lifestyle changes—including the simple act of monitoring your own blood pressure on a regular basis—can play an important role in managing your high blood pressure.

The Y can help.

The YMCA’s Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program is an evidence-based program that features personalized support as you develop the habit of monitoring your blood pressure. Research shows that checking and recording your blood pressure at least twice a month over a period of four months may lower blood pressure in many people with high blood pressure.

Join Blood Pressure Self Monitoring

The Cortland YMCA’s Blood Pressure Self Monitoring program is officially up and running! For more information, contact Jamie at Jamie@cortlandymca.org or call (607) 756-2893.

How the Program Works

The YMCA’s Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program helps participants:

  • Reduce their blood pressure by identifying patterns and trends on which to take action
  • Better manage their blood pressure over time
  • Increase their awareness of triggers that elevate blood pressure
  • Improve their knowledge of heart-healthy eating habits
  • Enrich communication with their health care provider by sharing self-monitoring results

Participants will work with trained YMCA Healthy Heart Ambassadors for the duration of the four-month program. Just a few check-ins per month can yield big results. You will:

  • Take your own blood pressure at least two times per month
  • Attend two consultations with an Ambassador per month
  • Attend monthly nutrition education

You will record your blood pressure readings using an easy-to-use tracking tool of your own choosing. The Y can provide options for participants who need a home blood pressure monitor.


To qualify for the Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program, you must:

• Be at least 18 years old
• Be diagnosed with high blood pressure
• Not have experienced a recent cardiac event
• Not have atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmias
• Not be at risk for lymphedema

YMCA membership is not required to participate in the program.