Hi All,

These last few weeks have been jarring, frustrating and saddening. The uncertainty of it all has everyone on edge and our lack of control over the situation has us feeling rudderless. Despite the massive challenges that are before us, there are always ways that each and every one of us can support one another, find time for self-improvement and see hope in the future.

In this time of social distancing, find a way to stay connected with family and friends near and far. Call, write, email, skype, zoom, face chat, smoke signals, whatever strikes your fancy. Maintaining a strong social connection is one of the most important determinants of a healthy life. If you know someone that might be feeling isolated, reach out! If you need someone to talk to let the YMCA know! We have plenty of chatty folks that would be happy to make a connection. If you or someone you know needs a grocery pick up, let us know. We would be happy to make a delivery! We have a wonderful and supportive community. Let’s lift one each other up!

Find time for you! Set a goal, schedule in self-care, read that book you have been wanting to read but haven’t been able to find the time for. My goals, you ask? 1. Get dressed every day 🙂 2. Plant a veggie garden 3. Call a family member or friend every day 4. Be grateful for my family, friends and the wonderful community around me 5. Plan new YMCA programming for the future!

As bleak as times may look at the moment, there will be a future that will once again include a bustling and busy YMCA on Saturday mornings, crowded restaurants on Friday nights and plenty of hugs to go around. Don’t forget about the things you are now realizing you used to take for granted! Hold on to the feeling gratitude even after all the things we are missing return and become mundane.

We miss all of you. If you need a friend or a grocery run please reach out! We are here to help in any way we can.

Look ahead to brighter days,

Noah Beck

Executive Director